Am in NYC judging the One Show Interactive in NYC with a really amazing group of people and it has been quite a lot of fun. We are at Google HQ and have a fantastic web connection (no wonders there) and great infrastructure (meaning no shortage of caffeine and snacks). But there’s something annoying us: the case studies.

Not only do they take forever to get to the point - I actually have looked at some that took more than 35 seconds to get to the part where it matters - but also they all brag about reaching incredible results with “no media spend.”

It seems to us “no media spend” is the new “social media guru" and getting a brand talked about - no matter what people are saying, no matter the context - is the only thing that matters. Now, of course we are all firm believers in the "earned media strategy", but bragging about it and pretending that we can do miracles with no money is not going to help our industry. At all.

Yes, we all want marketers who believe in sending messages the press will talk about and people wish to share with friends. But it takes quite a lot of time, people, craft and, yes, money to turn these messages into “something”. Into shareable objects.

So, yes, maybe you did it with “no media spend”, but a lot of “brain spend” and “production spend” and “seeding time spend”. And it doesn’t end there, because after all this happens; all these “impressions” that were generated with no media spend need to be monitored. So you don’t end up like Chrysler, you know? And you’ll be on to a whole lotta spend. No doubt about it. After all, the brand will have started a CONVERSATION. 

Which is, in fact, what truly matters. 

So, yes, dear friends in the industry. Do celebrate the fact that you were smart enough to convince your clients to not invest their money buying impressions and, rather, to invest in creating something that earned them the impressions, but realise that’s what you did. 

Anyway. We were judging and complaining and Max decided to do something instead of simply whining. That was how and why was born. And, then, just for fun, we did this. Just for fun. And to show how stupid we look when we sound that obvious.

Please try not to do this anymore.

And, please, make your case study videos shorter as well. Thanks.

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